News in version v2.0.x.x

Application to insert a very simple Callout or shapes to captions images Jpeg. All drawing items inserted are vectorial shapes and can be modified how desired using this application. The original images are not modified. The drawing items can only be visible using this application. The drawing items are stored inside the original image into metadata using exif standard format. It's possible to merge the drawing items into an image with a special command. In this case a new image is generated and modified with all the drawing items inserted on it. In this case the drawing items cannot be modified but the new image generated will contains all drawing items even when using other jpeg viewer applications.

The size of exif data are limited but many characters can be used before the maximum size is reached. To expand this limit, the text inside the captions is compressed inside the EXIF data. Anyway if the limit is reached, the application can store all drawing items into a separated file.

The application support 8 different layers. Using the menu is possible to visualize the desired layers for the same image. For example a layer can be used to create a different version of a captions on an image, or can be used to show dialogs in the same image. The layers can be shown separated or togheter.

The main future of this application is to automatically compute text in order to have it all inside the desired shape without inserting spaces or any other chars to avoid cross over with the shape. No change is done on the original image. Only EXIF information are adding/modified, also for rotation.

The application has a very simple interface. Only a simple dialog to controll the selected callout and the context menu. No other tools are present.

To insert a caption the context menu is used. By clicking with the right botton the context menu will be visualized and it will be possible to select the desired shape to insert.

The "Properties" item is the only dialog interface used to totally control the shapes inserted and the text associate to it.

The items selectable inside the context menu are the following:

Draw Item Properties

The dialog is used to change parameters of the selected draw Item. Using this dialog can change:


While the mouse is moved in order to move callout, using the Ctrl key is it possible to move only the shape without moving the arrow. Changing the shape's size is also possible by moving around the center still pressing Shift Key.